The StaffGrabbers Difference

1. We’re not just posting jobs. We’re headhunters.

Posting jobs online and crossing fingers? That’s amateur hour.

At StaffGrabbers, we’re uniquely focused on recruiting people with prior experience in your industry.

For example, if you’re hiring at a FinTech company, we’ll connect you to people from other FinTech companies or an industry of your choice. This way, your new hire has both the skills and industry experience needed to ramp up faster and contribute to your team in a more meaningful way.

Our team handles the entire process from A to Z, sourcing highly targeted candidates and providing you with all the comparisons you need to feel confident in your hiring decision.

To read more on our headhunting strategy, please click here.

2. We specialize in Software & Product-Led Growth positions.

We work exclusively with Chief Product Officers and other product leaders on all levels of product management, product design, product marketing, product analytics and more. We also recruit candidates across software engineering, customer success or user research.

At StaffGrabbers, you’re not just meeting “jack-of-all-trade” recruiters. You’re working with people who understand product-led growth and the positions that fuel it.

Gone are the days of explaining the basics of a position to your Recruiter. We understand.

3. We market your positions to candidates.

To pull talent, you’ve got to offer more than a paycheck.

We sell candidates on everything we can – your product vision, the opportunity for growth, the company’s founding story, your experience as a hiring manager, everything.

This marketing of your role to the RIGHT people is a powerful combination and it’s exactly what you want when working with a Talent Acquisition Partner. That said, although we market your opportunity at all stages of the candidate journey, we never misrepresent.

We share the good, the bad and the ugly so that we can find you the RIGHT long-term match.

  • For examples of our high-performing InMail Messages, please click here.

  • For examples of the “employer branding” we create for our clients, please click here.

4. We take the stress of recruiting off your plate.

Endless interviews? Swipe left.

Recruiting can feel like a never-ending cycle of interviews, follow-ups, and negotiations, consuming valuable time and resources.

Our mission is to eliminate the headache of recruiting for you. We take care of all sourcing, screening, interview scheduling and follow ups, so that you can focus on your other responsibilities.

All you need to do is focus on making the big decisions – who to interview, who to pass on, and ultimately, who to hire.

5. We understand the entire US market.

We’ve been recruiting across the entire United States for many years.

This means we can recruit on in-person, hybrid or 100% remote positions.

Since we understand every major city in the United States, we can easily connect you to top-tier talent, without high cost of living prices.

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