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StaffGrabbers is a full-service recruiting agency that specializes in product-led growth and related roles.


We’re available for one-time searches or complete recruitment outsourcing.



“Extremely impressed by this firm! We had product design roles open for months and nobody applied. We hired StaffGrabers and they found us multiple UX designers quickly.”


Lead Product Designer



You build products. We build teams.

Our team uniquely focuses on recruiting people with prior experience in your domain/industry. 

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Our Services

One-Time Searches

We’re available for one-time searches and use success-based pricing with no long-term commitments.


No hire? No payment.

Recruitment Subscription

Our ‘recruiting-as-a-service’ subscription takes care of your recruiting for a fixed monthly price.


Stay lean and flexible.


Why Work With Us?

Product-Led Focus

We know PLG like the back of our hands. Share your vision with us and we’ll assemble your high-performing team.

Better Hires

We uniquely focus on recruiting people with prior experience in your domain/industry/niche.

Get Results

“No hire, no payment” is our guiding principle.

Innovative Sourcing

Our modern tech stack is recruiting magic. Who would you hire if you had the power to hire anyone, anywhere?

National Reach

We recruit across the entire United States. Get access to the best available people, no matter their zip code.

Stay Lean

Outsource your recruiting to us for single searches, a whole quarter, or the entire year. We’re here when you need us.

What Our Clients Say

Pricing Options

One-Time Searches

A hiring fee equal to 15 – 25% of the annual base salary.*

* The price varies depending on the level of the role and number of roles. Let’s discuss.

Quarterly Plan


Annual Plan


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Learn more about how StaffGrabbers can help you make better hires.

Refer a Friend & Earn

Earn 5% monthly reoccurring commissions for each referral.

We've done the math...


Good question! For starters, hiring just ONE senior-level Tech Recruiter full-time can set you back more than $120,000 annually, plus an extra $10,000 for payroll taxes, $5,000 for benefits, and other software costs. Plus, you might not have enough work to keep them busy at all times, which means you’re wasting money.


By subscribing to our monthly plan, you can access a top-notch team of Product, Design, and Engineering recruiters for a third of the cost. Plus, you can “pause” the subscription during slow periods, to maximize your investment. This means you’re saving money, staying lean, and getting better hires. It’s a win-win!

Short answer: We specialize in “Product-Led Growth” roles and uniquely focus on recruiting people with prior experience in your domain/niche/industry.


This has many obvious benefits when hiring people to build and market USEFUL software.


Long answer: click here

Our team is fully remote and based in Boston, San Francisco, and NYC, so we can fill any type of position, whether it’s in-person, hybrid, or 100% remote.

That’s fine. We’re available for one-time searches too. There’s no long-term commitment and we use a success-based payment model.


This means it’s 100% free to review resumes, interview candidates and evaluate the quality of talent we source for you. 


No hire? No payment.

The founder of StaffGrabbers is Nick Civitarese, an experienced recruiter with deep experience in the tech industry.


Prior to launching StaffGrabbers, Nick spent four years at a $50M tech staffing agency in Boston, where he was a top performer, and later joined ZoomInfo to support their product organization by working closely with the Chief Product Officer, VP of Product, and VP of Product Marketing.


He chose to focus on Product roles because of his love for technology and software. As a tech-savvy person, Nick has always leveraged software to make both his professional and personal life easier.


The combination of his love for software and product management, along with his rich recruiting background, made the decision to specialize in product-led companies an easy and natural choice.

We’re flexible. You can email us, send us a message on Slack, or give us a call. We’ll schedule a 1-on-1 with your hiring manager and go from there.

Once subscribed, we’ll recruit on up to four positions at a time. That means we’ll write job descriptions, post the roles online, review applicants and directly source candidates.


We’ll work 1 on 1 with your hiring managers until each role is filled.

It takes us about a week to create a lineup of strong candidates for each role. After that, we’ll make sure your team gets a steady stream of interviews until the position is filled.


The actual hiring speed depends on your interview process.

You’ll partner directly with our founder, Nick Civitarese, on a one-on-one basis. He’ll personally work with your hiring managers, handle posting open roles, find the right candidates, and take care of all the screening and scheduling.


Behind the scenes, Nick’s powered by a fantastic crew of Product, Design, and Engineering recruiters.


So, you’re in great hands!

No problem! We’ll continue to refine our search and present new candidates until you find the perfect match.

We get that your recruiting needs might not be constant throughout the year. Our pause feature lets you stop your subscription when you don’t need recruiting support, making sure you only pay for the service when there’s actual demand.

Billing cycles are based on a 31-day period. Let’s say you sign up, use the service for 21 days, and then decide to pause your subscription. This means the billing cycle will pause, and you’ll have 10 days of service left to use anytime in the future.

The pause feature is available for “Annual” subscribers and can be used for two months per year.