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At StaffGrabbers, we’re not afraid to make a bold promise: we’ll help you recruit the best talent from your direct competitors, industry peers, or companies of your choosing. We’re confident in our ability to deliver on this promise because we uphold the highest quality operations possible.

From sourcing candidates and messaging them to prepping for interviews and providing an outstanding candidate experience, we leave no stone unturned. We know that when candidates have a positive interview experience, they’re more likely to accept your offer when you choose to hire them.

One way we improve the candidate experience is by sending detailed follow-up emails. Instead of just providing a basic job description, we provide added context like videos on the product, the company’s history, links to team members, and updates on major company news or awards. This helps our candidates come to the interview well-prepared and more knowledgeable about your business.

Here are three examples of follow-up emails we send:

Sample 1 – Kindertales

Subject: Kindertales – Senior Product Manager – 100% Remote

Hey Tara,

It was great chatting with you earlier. Here’s more info about the role at Kindertales.

I’m working directly with Jesse, the VP who joined from Apple a few years back. Kindertales is a 40-person company that specializes in early childhood care software. The whole team works remotely, and recently they received significant investment from a group of private investors who own a large network of childcare facilities. The investors’ plan is to incorporate Kindertales into their operations for cost savings, while also expanding it as a standalone software product. Right now, they have 90 clients, and based on their current pipeline, they expect to double or triple in size within the next year.

Initially, you’ll join as an individual contributor, but within about six months, you’ll have the opportunity to build and lead a team. They’re planning to expand their operations in Australia and Western Europe, in addition to growing in North America.

The position is fully remote, and the team gets together for an outing once every quarter. There’s also a chance for some light travel to Australia or Western Europe if you’re interested.

Are you interested in meeting with Jesse, the VP, to learn more?

Let me know if you have any questions!


Company Name: Kindertales | www.kindertales.com

Kindertales is a cloud-based childcare management software founded in 2017 that helps childcare centers automate many of their day-to-day operations, giving staff more time to spend with children. The software provides digital tools for admissions, enrollment, billing, daily activities, and communication tools for families. For owners and directors, the Kindertales platform will also help manage their waitlist and provide analytics on when their classrooms will have space for future enrollments.

Location: The company is headquartered in McLean, VA but otherwise remote majority.

Position Title: Senior Product Manager (direct path to Director of Product possible)

Additional Information:

  • Kindertales is an early-childhood education software company that builds software designed for daycares and childcare centers. The software helps daycare owners and staff to run the operations of the childcare center, while creating a platform for the teachers and parents to interact throughout the day. The software tracks information like learning milestones, naps, meals that were served that day, and allows the providers to upload occasional pictures that parents can sign in and check (among other things). The company has ~40 employees and a strong pipeline for revenue growth.

  • This position is 100% remote. Travel is only required once a quarter for team off-sites.

  • Kindertales is funded by private investors (not VC) which creates a more relaxing environment. The private investors own a large network of childcare centers throughout the world.

  • This position will report into Jesse Alder, the VP of Product – LinkedIn Here. Prior to joining Kindertales 2.5 years ago, Jesse was a Program Manager at Apple on the iPhone Operations team.

  • A new management team (both the CEO and CFO) have recently joined. This management team is experienced and has a track record of successful startup companies. Jesse the VP commented that it’s been a great experience working with them, and that’s been learning a ton from them. This position was described as an excellent opportunity to come on board to help shape the new Product department as they experience this growth. Jesse also mentioned this role will receive a large amount of equity to share in the success of the company.

Videos About the Company & Product:

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Some team members (not a complete list):

Sample 2 – Loom

Subject: Loom – Product Designer – 100% Remote

Hi Ruthi,

Great talking to you just now. Down below is more information on Loom. This is a ~270-person, fully remote video messaging platform company with a user base of over 21 million worldwide. Their major clients include Twitter, HubSpot, Netflix, Olympus, and LinkedIn. They’re looking for a Product Designer, and the JD is attached.

Based on what we talked about, I think this could be a good potential fit.

Looking forward to your thoughts!


Company: Loom | www.loom.com

Loom is video messaging for work. Combining the expressiveness of video with the convenience of messaging, Loom is a new, more efficient and effective way of bringing your work to life and communicating with co-workers and customers.

With Loom, you can record your screen, voice, and face to create an instantly shareable video in less time than it would take to type an email. From onboarding new employees, troubleshooting customer issues, or code reviews, Loom makes it easy to get your message across quickly and clearly.

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Position Title: Product Designer – 100% remote

Additional Information:

  • Loom was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. The company operates as a fully remote team, with over 269 employees working from different locations worldwide.

  • Loom provides a video messaging platform designed for businesses and professionals. The user-friendly platform allows the creation and sharing of video messages by combining screen recordings, camera, and audio. The primary goal is to improve communication and collaboration, making it an ideal solution for remote teams, project management, and customer support.

  • Loom is a popular video messaging platform with over 21 million users across the globe. As of 2021, the company has been valued at $1.53 billion, highlighting its rapid and significant growth. Loom’s user base includes over 200,000 businesses, with prominent names like Twitter, HubSpot, Netflix, Olympus, and LinkedIn among its clientele.

  • The platform has seen substantial expansion during the pandemic, with more than 10 million users joining Loom. To date, over 100 million videos have been hosted on the platform. Additionally, Loom has been considered one of the best medium-sized businesses for remote work.

  • In 2021, Loom generated $35 million in revenue, a staggering 350% increase from its $10 million revenue in 2020. The versatile platform has also proven useful for entrepreneurs, with Rippling’s founder, Parker Conrad, having used Loom to successfully pitch to investors and secure $250 million in funding.

  • In addition, Loom’s Android app has been downloaded over 500,000 times and maintains a user-based rating of 3.3, while its iOS app holds a 4.7 rating. The Loom website receives over 10 million monthly visits, indicating the platform’s broad appeal and reach in the market.

  • Employee reviews on Glassdoor commonly mention great benefits, a positive work environment, and a strong company culture. Loom’s employees also appreciate the talented and supportive team members who contribute to a stimulating and enjoyable working experience.

Informational videos about the company & product:

Recent News on Loom:

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Professional Awards (not a complete list):

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Some team members (not a complete list):

Sample 3 – DuckDuckGo

Subject: JD – DuckDuckGo – Product Manager – 100% Remote

Hi Kenny,

Great talking to you just now. Down below is more information on DuckDuckGo. This is a 285-person, 100% remote privacy-focused search engine company with a 4.8 Glassdoor rating. They have seen impressive growth in recent years, with more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store and a market share of 2.44% in the US as of February 2021. Their revenue exceeded $100 million in 2020, proving their increasing popularity among privacy-conscious users.

They are currently looking for a Product Manager, and the JD is attached.

Based on what we talked about, I think this could be a good potential fit.

Looking forward to your thoughts!


Company: DuckDuckGo | www.duckduckgo.com

DuckDuckGo is an internet privacy company that empowers consumers to seamlessly take control of their personal information online, without any trade-offs. Using the Internet shouldn’t make people feel like they are being watched, listened to, and monitored.

Headquarters: Paoli, Pennsylvania

Position Title: Product Manager – 100% remote

Additional Information:

  • DuckDuckGo was founded in 2008 and is based in Paoli, Pennsylvania. The company is 100% remote, with a distributed team of over 285 employees.

  • DuckDuckGo offers a privacy-focused search engine designed for users who prioritize personal data protection. They have a solid reputation for privacy and ensuring a user-friendly experience. Some of the primary features include search result quality, private browsing, and tracking protection. The goal is to provide users with a safe and secure online search alternative while maintaining a powerful and efficient search experience.

  • They have a 4.8 Glassdoor rating, and impressively, 100% of the reviewers say they would recommend DuckDuckGo to a friend as an excellent place to work.

  • Some of the most common reviews in their 4.8 Glassdoor rating mention that it’s an amazing place to work, with a great hiring process, superb remote working culture, and a supportive work environment.

  • In 2021, DuckDuckGo had more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store alone and has experienced impressive growth in recent years. Their user base has been expanding, with the search engine holding a 2.44% market share in the US as of February 2021.

  • The company’s revenue exceeded $100 million in 2020, and the average number of daily queries on DuckDuckGo has grown 9.17x since 2015. The popularity of the search engine continues to rise as more internet users become increasingly aware of their online privacy needs and prefer privacy-focused tools like DuckDuckGo.

  • In addition to their core search engine, DuckDuckGo provides services such as tracker blocking, private search, and Smarter Encryption to enhance users’ overall privacy experience. Through these offerings, DuckDuckGo emphasizes the importance of maintaining user privacy and adapting to the ever-changing landscape of data protection.

Informational videos about the company & product:

Recent News on DuckDuckGo:

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Some team members (not a complete list):

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