How to Get Proven Talent by Recruiting from Competitors

At @StaffGrabbers, our goal is simple – to help you hire great talent, easily, and quickly. And guess what? Sometimes the best person for your position is already working…. for a competitor. Here’s our proven roadmap to scout, woo, and onboard stars from your industry rivals, or companies known for hiring great talent. 1. Start […]

10 Tips to Boost the Candidate Experience

We understand that providing a fantastic interview experience for candidates can be challenging. The recruiting process involves many moving parts and demands a lot of attention. Although most businesses agree on the importance of candidate experience for their success, only around half think their recruiting practices work effectively. To emerge as winners in the talent […]

The Basics of LinkedIn Boolean Search

In today’s competitive tech industry, finding the perfect candidate can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But what if we told you there’s a powerful, yet straightforward method that might just turn your candidate search into a breeze? Enter the world of Boolean search – your new best friend in sourcing candidates. […]

Job boards aren’t enough.

Job boards just don’t cut it. Let me tell you why. We all share the same 24 hours in a day. As a Chief Executive, no matter how hard you work, you can’t scale the organization without hiring new people. You’ll eventually hit a cap. That’s a fact. Since you need to delegate functions to […]

How To Hire Product and UX Talent Without a Recruiter

This hiring market is no joke. Especially for in-demand talent like Product and UX. If you’re posting your roles on the job boards, you’ve probably noticed this by now. Especially if you don’t have a powerhouse brand like Amazon, Google, Microsoft or other large tech companies. Why? Here’s the cold truth: The most talented people […]

Examples of StaffGrabbers Outreach Messages

Hey there! As experienced Product and UX recruiters, we know a thing or two about great InMail messaging. Here are six examples of InMail’s we’ve used personally: Sample 1 Hi [XYZ], I’m a Product Design recruiter and I work with tech companies across the US on 100% remote roles. I’m working with an enterprise software […]

Our Detailed Follow-Up Emails

At StaffGrabbers, we’re not afraid to make a bold promise: we’ll help you recruit the best talent from your direct competitors, industry peers, or companies of your choosing. We’re confident in our ability to deliver on this promise because we uphold the highest quality operations possible. From sourcing candidates and messaging them to prepping for […]

The StaffGrabbers Difference

1. We’re not just posting jobs. We’re headhunters. Posting jobs online and crossing fingers? That’s amateur hour. At StaffGrabbers, we’re uniquely focused on recruiting people with prior experience in your industry. For example, if you’re hiring at a FinTech company, we’ll connect you to people from other FinTech companies or an industry of your choice. […]

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Product Managers

In most startups, few positions are more crucial than a Product Manager. They shape the entire product development process and are likely responsible for your main revenue driver. Since they also set the vision and align your internal teams to bring it to life, clearly hiring the wrong Product Manager can be detrimental. So, when […]

Recruiting in the Great Resignation

‍The talent shortage is no joke. Millions of people are quitting their jobs to reorient their lives and careers into situations that better support their needs. Every circumstance is different, but the most common reasons are for more money, better managers, greater flexibility, aligned values and/or more interesting work. Combine this shift with the increase in early […]