Growth Hack: How to Hire Proven Talent by Recruiting from Competitors

At StaffGrabbers, our mission is simple – to make your life easier by recruiting PROVEN talent and handling the entire process for you.

And guess what? Sometimes the best person for the position is already working….for another company.

Here’s our proven roadmap to scout, woo, and onboard stars from your industry rivals, or companies known for hiring great talent.

1. We research your niche & industry and map the key players.

When we start working with you, we embed ourselves into your industry and niche. We learn everything we can about the major players in your space.

Some of our favorite tools for this include G2 and Comparably, which are software review sites. They do a fantastic job of canvassing a specific industry and grouping the competitors together. It also provides insight into the highest-rated products, fastest growing companies, and companies with specific product lines or features. This is useful for finding hyper specific people, such as a Product Manager with 3+ years of experience, who worked at small companies, and has experience with Payroll and enterprise products.

In addition to these review sites, we also leverage ChatGPT and Google Bard by using prompts like:

What are 50 companies in the XYZ industry in the United States?

What are 30 marketing software companies based in the US with less than 300 employees?

It takes us a few hours to create our “source list” of companies for your open roles, but it’s so worth it.

This research forms the foundation of where we headhunt talent from.

2. We target the RIGHT candidates for your role.

At StaffGrabbers, we don’t spray and pray when messaging candidates.

Instead, we conduct extremely specific searches with a lot of nuance.

Our goal is to help you hire people with both the technical AND industry experience you need. This means our candidates spend less time onboarding to your industry and can hit the ground running. They can also build upon the industry experience they already have.

3. We don’t just message candidates. We get them INTERESTED.

To pull talent, you’ve got to offer more than a paycheck.

We sell candidates on everything we can – your product vision, the opportunity for growth, the company’s founding story, your experience as a hiring manager, everything.

This marketing of your role to the RIGHT people is a powerful combination and it’s exactly what you want when working with a Talent Acquisition Partner. That said, although we market your opportunity at all stages of the candidate journey, we never misrepresent.

We share the good, the bad and the ugly so that we can find you the RIGH long-term match.

  • For examples of the “employer branding” we create for our clients, please click here.

4. We submit the best options to you on a silver platter.

Once a candidate confirms they’re interested in joining your team, we selectively present the best ones for your consideration. We determine this based on a screening call and their overall background.

Our submissions to you include write-ups, compensation expectations, reasons for their interest, resumes, and LinkedIn profiles.

It takes us about seven days to build a pipeline of candidates who are a great potential fit.

5. We manage everything administrative– interview scheduling, reference checks, you name it. Just kick back and make decisions.

Let’s face it – recruiting is a lot of work. Sourcing, screening, scheduling interviews, sending follow up emails, negotiation calls, and more.

It’s truly a full-time job.

Fortunately, when you work with us, we take the stress of recruiting off your plate completely.

Just sit back and make decisions about who to move forward, who to reject, and who to hire.

We take care of everything else.

6. We’re true partners in the process and share our thoughts on candidates, your budget, and the overall market.

In addition to everything above, keep in mind that we’re seasoned Tech Recruiters. We have thousands of interviews, screening calls, and resume reviews under our belt.

When working with StaffGrabbers, we’ll share our thoughts on each candidate, interview best practices, your budget and the overall market. We also have deep experience recruiting across the entire United States, so we can easily connect you with great talent, without the San Francisco or New York City prices.

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