Job Boards Aren't Enough

Job boards aren't enough. Let me explain why.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. This means that no matter how hard you work as a Chief Executive, you can’t scale the organization without hiring new people. You will eventually hit a cap. That’s a given.

And since you need to delegate those functions to other people, then it's important that you hire strong and capable talent. Even more so for leadership roles, because they set the tone for the rest of the team.

If you hire a Rockstar candidate and then have them report into a less capable Manager, you'll inevitably create conflict. Honestly, a Rockstar probably won’t even accept your offer in that situation because the best people interview you just as much as the reverse.

This means the wrong hires don't just impact the function you hired them for, they also make it harder to hire the people who can ACTUALLY deliver.

Now ask yourself – does your recruiting strategy reflect how important talent acquisition is to your growth, given the obvious facts above?

I’m willing to bet it doesn’t.

I’ve been both an external recruiter AND a corporate recruiter for one of the fastest growing software companies in Boston. I’ve seen firsthand that TA teams are stretched too thin (especially now!) to build custom recruiting strategies for each role.

Also, many corporate recruiters are generalists and don’t have the deep experience needed to identify & recruit top performers for a specialized leadership role.

So, what do companies do instead?

They post the role online…and then pray.  


The most important aspect of growing a business is left entirely up to chance.

And here’s the cold truth: post and pray is an outdated recruiting strategy. A generic job post is NOT how you approach and woo top performers to your organization. This strategy is even MORE risky if you don’t have the powerhouse brand of a company like Google, Microsoft, or Amazon.

Top performers are already employed, except for rare occasions. They’re also busy with work and life and don’t browse the jobs often, mostly because they don’t need to. If they want a new role, it’s as simple as checking their email and reaching out to past connections.  This is especially true for people with niche skills like Product Management and UX, who are surrounded by opportunity.

Given this – do you want your success to be at the whim of someone MAYBE having a bad day, MAYBE checking the job boards, MAYBE finding yours, MAYBE being interested enough to even apply, and then MAYBE getting a response from your TA team?

That’s a lot of maybes, and it’s an entirely accurate description.

The economy today is charged up and the demand for talent is high.

If you’re serious about improving your organization and bringing stability back to your team – I strongly encourage you to change this strategy.

StaffGrabbers is a boutique Product Management and UX recruiting agency that specializes in leading PROACTIVE and INTENTIONAL searches for top talent.

We build and execute this personalized search based on your needs, desired source companies and skill sets.

Got some dream companies you want to recruit talent from?

We’re on it.

Need an obscure skillset?

No sweat for us.

Need someone GOOD?

That’s our specialty.

Once the plan are in place, we unleash our recruiters to search the market. We identify your dream candidates, persuasively approach them, sell them on your opportunity, and then guide them (and you!) throughout the entire interview process. We’re not just a “third party” recruiting agency. We’re an extension of your talent acquisition team and a literal competitive advantage for our clients.

If you think it’s time to get back in the driver’s seat of Talent Acquisition, please reach out to us at for a confidential discussion.


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