Product Managers: Your Product’s Champions

What Is Product Management? Product management plays a crucial role in the creation, specification, delivery, monitoring, and enhancement of products within an organization. It supports each stage of the product lifecycle, from conception to launch. Product management guides the company on how to use its resources to boost competitiveness and satisfy customers. It also collaborates […]

Mastering Product Strategy: A Beginner’s Guide

We often hear the term “product strategy” in business circles, but what does it truly entail? Simply put, it’s the process of defining the product or service your offering and determining its market position. While it sounds straightforward, it’s a rather complex process. Let’s begin with understanding your target market deeply. Who are they? What […]

Product Analytics: Your Key to Profit-Driving Decisions

Your product’s success hinges on product analytics. Without it, the necessary data to drive profit-riddled decisions simply isn’t available. It’s through product analytics that businesses learn the true behaviors of their customers. By examining the actions taken within a product, these “revealed behaviors” come to the forefront. With this understanding, user motivations and pain points […]

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Product Managers

In most startups, few positions are more crucial than a Product Manager. They shape the entire product development process and are likely responsible for your main revenue driver. Since they also set the vision and align your internal teams to bring it to life, clearly hiring the wrong Product Manager can be detrimental. So, when […]

What’s Product-Led Growth?

Imagine a growth strategy that revolves around delivering exceptional user experiences, minimizes customer acquisition costs, and rapidly scales your business. This is the power of product-led growth (PLG), an increasingly popular strategy within the software and technology industry. Successful companies like Slack, Dropbox, Calendly, Zoom, and Canva have adopted PLG, and the results speak for […]

7 Tips for Building a Killer Product Design Portfolio

Are you struggling to create a product design portfolio that’ll impress potential clients and recruiters in the software industry? If so, you’re in the right place! In this blog post, we’re sharing top tips and best practices for building a killer product design portfolio that’ll help you stand out from the competition and attract the […]

From Design Thinking to Remote Work: The Trends Shaping Product Management

Hey there! As a team of product and UX recruiters, we’ve been closely monitoring the latest trends in the industry. Product management has seen numerous changes lately, from emerging technologies and tools to shifts in the job market and the growing popularity of agile development. Here are some significant trends we’ve observed: 1. Agile Development […]