Why Our ‘Recruiting as a Service’ Subscription is a Game-Changer for Companies

We get it – finding the perfect talent can be a real pain. You might be spending countless hours searching for candidates, setting up interviews, and trying to find that one superstar, only to have them drop out of the interview process.

Or maybe you’ve hired a Corporate Recruiter, but they can’t always tell the difference between Product and Project Managers, leaving you with a never-ending parade of interviews.

Doesn’t sound like the best use of your time and money, does it?

This is why we created the StaffGrabbers’ “Recruiting-as-a-Service” Subscription.

For a flat monthly fee, you can outsource up to four positions at a time to our expert Product, Design & Engineering recruiting team. We’ll work 1-on-1 with your hiring managers and take care of everything.

This includes posting the positions online, reviewing applicants, sourcing candidates, screening them and scheduling the interviews for your team. Plus, you’ll have a long-term and steady recruiting partner who understands your company and culture intimately, the same way an in-house recruiter would.

Our subscription combines the stability of an in-house solution with the flexibility and expertise of an external recruiting agency – all for just a third of the cost. And instead of laying off your recruiting team when hiring slows down, you can simply pause your StaffGrabbers subscription and resume it when you need it.

Our subscription improves your hiring, saves you money, and keeps you lean and flexible.

Still not convinced? Check out this comparison table!

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