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Founder's Story

Hey there, my name is Nick.

I’m the Founder and Head of Recruiting at StaffGrabbers. Based in Boston, MA, I have extensive experience in recruiting across the entire US, regardless of location.

Eight years ago, I stumbled into recruiting at a $50M agency in Boston, where I quickly became a top performer. I fell in love with the craft of understanding my clients’ needs and then magically delivering the perfect candidate to them. Realizing my talent and passion for recruiting, I took a lot of pride in my performance.

Shortly after the pandemic hit, I joined the recruiting team at Zoominfo, a B2B software company that had just IPO’d. At the time of my hire, the company had 1,000 employees, which eventually grew to 4,000. I worked closely with leadership across product management, design, marketing, engineering, and sales. 

I founded StaffGrabbers three years ago with a singular focus: to build a reputation for providing the highest quality, personalized headhunting service for product-led tech companies. I excel in tackling niche, difficult searches and delivering a white-glove experience to both candidates and clients.


In addition to StaffGrabbers, I’m also the Founder of HelpfulHires.com, a boutique recruiting agency specializing in connecting business owners and executives with exceptional talent outside the United States. I take great pride in my ability to source and recruit exceptional talent from every background for my clients.


Outside of recruiting, I’m a tech enthusiast. I love leveraging software to simplify my personal and professional life. I also have an interest in entrepreneurship, the outdoors, house plants, all things science, history and EDM and 90s music. I’m a huge family guy, and love to help others around me.


I hope to have the opportunity to work with you!


Thanks for reading.

Nick Civitarese

Company Mission

To provide the highest quality, personalized headhunting services to product-led software companies.


Company Values

“You are paid in direct proportion to the value you create in the marketplace.”

Be the recruiter you always wanted.

The best way to WOW a client is learning how to source well. Give them exactly what they want.

The little things become the BIG things.
When in doubt, ask yourself: what’s best for the candidate or client? We come last.

The best recruiters don’t “sell” anything. We are consultants who EDUCATE and INFLUENCE to what’s genuinely the right decision for everyone involved.

Quality OVER quantity = ALWAYS.

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